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Squirrel Has Head in His Coffee - Mad

Squirrel looks into the coffee to tell his fortune. But don't you need tea for that? Usually, an old lady in a colored scarf tips it out and looks into the leaves to see what time has in store for you. Cappuccino does not cut it. The dregs will be smeared across the bottom. beverage. You will just see your face when looking into hot liquid. * hosting squid laughing wordpress share squirrels cup feeder drinking stumble pin flip tweet moving star cat mcphee archie real flipboard twitter facebook storm wars idols addiction city york jones sam opens goodman john website host posts services dried eyeballs jaws rotary featuring machine labs research survival test taste people kimmel jimmy barley commentary reach bird obstacle email * $ hosting in squid at laughing up squirrels an cup to feeder ho drinking we $ ~ squirrel can head big coffee time beverage down mad ah squirrel will head great coffee mus beverage up mad uh squirrel more head be coffee far beverage in mad ho squirrel should head for coffee to on mad uh ~ + email obstacle bird reach commentary barley jimmy kimmel people taste test survival research labs machine featuring rotary jaws eyeballs dried services posts host website john goodman opens sam jones york city addiction idols wars storm facebook twitter flipboard real archie mcphee cat star moving tweet flip pin stumble drinking feeder cup squirrels share wordpress laughing squid hosting + || Hey hello, hello, lo. || nuts, cheeks, furry, drink, refreshing, bread, lunch, dinner, table, looker, mug, ||
Squirrel has a coffee
"Hey hello, hello, lo."
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The Science of Carrying a Mug of Coffee

You wouldn't think that finding out how to carry a mug of coffee without spilling it would be a subject for analysis by scientists, but you would be wrong.  Rouslan Krechnetnikov took it upon himself to solve this disruptive daily issue.

This area of study dawned upon him when he watched people struggling with mugs of coffee at a fluid dynamics conference. He thought that the solution wasn't simple.  It was a complex scientific problem.  The coffee carriers gender, age and health would affect the solution.

Tests included walking in a straight line with coffee in hand while looking at the mug or looking ahead.  A sensor in the mug measured spillage of coffee.  Conclusions were that one should walk slower and, wait for it - watch the mug not where you are going.

This sounds like advice leading one to disaster.  "Watch your heads and laps everybody someone's coming who doesn't know where he's going!  Why don't you get a cup you fool?"
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