Dutch Prisoners to Pay a Fee

The welfare state is failing. Too any people rely on taxpayers money to live without contributing anything themselves. Basically, governments do not have the income from taxes to pay for it.

Old age pensions are going with people being forced to pay into their own superannuation. In Europe, particularly, countries like Britain cannot afford welfare benefits for people who have moved there from other European nations.

In the Netherlands prisoners will soon have to pay for their incarceration. The controversial bill will soon go through parliament. If you break the law it is your fault. There will be a charge for imprisonment and another fee for the police investigation.

Leaving things as they are will result in 19 prisons having to close with the release of thousands of prisoners. If you cannot pay the fees while you are in prison you will have to pay it when you have moved back into society.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Society by Ty Buchanan
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