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Dog House

"This is a great home."
Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Being Overweight Causes Osteoporosis

Being overweight leads to heart disease but it can also cause osteoporosis. This is due to people cutting out vital elements in the diet in their attempts to lose weight. Dairy products are essential for strong bones. Yet milk, butter and cheese are precisely what it being disregarded in diet by 30 per cent of women. Another danger is the consumption of bread. An astounding 40 per cent of women have stopped eating this food that is calcium fortified.  It must be remembered though that bread has only been part of the human diet for 10,000 years.  It could be the cause of many humans "diseases".

Research has shown that the real cause of weight gain is carbohydrates. Yes, it's as simple as that. People who only cut out sugar lose weight very quickly and maintain a low body weight thereafter. People concentrate on eating low fat diets even though research shows this to be the wrong thing to do. Look at movies made up to WWII. Actors and actresses and especially the extras were all quite skinny then. In those days most Western nations had not developed the high sugar habit. And most workers then went to work on a large fatty fried breakfast.

Danger in the future will not be with low fat diets. Young people today just refuse to eat vegetables. Cabbage and broccoli are high in iron. Young people steer well clear of these. Hope lies with the intake of fish. The young do like fish. Note the dash for seafood at Christmas. Fish contains calcium and minerals. Processed food is high in sugar. Government needs to have a policy aimed at lowering sugar intake in our diets.
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Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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Individual Action to Change the Environment is Dangerous

There is danger looming. Some scientists believe that they have the answer to global warming by putting chemicals and minerals into the environment. There are no laws to prevent them taking action themselves and doing what they want. Apart from maritime laws that deal with political international matters few effective laws between countries exist.

A questionable activity is taking place. Iron is being dumped into oceans. This "ocean fertilization" absorbs carbon dioxide. Boosted fish stocks are promised. This of course is all theory. It is not proven fact.

The London Protocol is the section of international law that could end this activity. Countries could still legislate and do "scientific" dumping. Japan does this to kill whales to provide meat for human consumption. Australia is pushing for new London Protocol laws to prevent geoengineering of all kinds, because individual action is dangerous and could affect everyone in the future.

Critics say iron dumping will lead to an increase in toxic algae blooms. Furthermore, it will make the present acidification of the ocean worse. Any human action has side effects. Individual action is very dangerous as consequences are largely unknown. Once the environment is changed it is altered forever.
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Ned Kelly Was No Hero

Ned Kelly has been made into a folk hero yet his exploits were very bad indeed. He killed policemen and believed he was hard done by and above the law. Like Jesse James in the US it is surprising how an evil person can be made larger than life. While there was possible police corruption affecting the lives of both, it was not a prime factor in their behavior.

From the start they had the belief in the their own superiority, that they could live above the law. Even today many strongly support the "heroism" of Ned Kelly. He was recently laid to rest in a Requiem mass. His skeleton, minus the head, were cremated. It has been 132 years since his execution.

There is something to be said about his fight against British rule in the colonies. Police control over the population was strong and brutal. Carrying the fight from Ireland to Australia is seen as a virtuous act. The problem is Ned Kelly was not really acting on this premise. He wanted to declare a region of Australia his own.

The authorities could not allow a break-away province and with the killing of police he was a "dead man walking". His gang was too small to fight the whole police force on its own. Despite his armour, twenty-eight police bullets struck his arms and legs. The sheer number of hits shows the ferocity of the final battle. He was captured and taken away.
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Won't Come Out

"I don't care what you say - I am not coming out."
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Funny Animal Photos