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Will You Drink Crap Water?

Sewerage is just a load of crap. If you think this you are on the wrong track. It can be a valuable commodity. The cleaning process begins with a giant comb that lets the good stuff through and blocks the solids - tampons, tennis balls, toys, sneakers, marbles, cardboard and so on are discarded.
fine polymer membranes filter sewerage
The second stage involves very fine polymer membranes. The membrane pores are less than a millionth of a millimeter thick which filters out microscopic contaminants. That is all there is to it, just fine filters
raw sewerage
Purified sewerage is used to water crops and is pumped into the mains water supply for drinking by the public. It is claimed that it is better than bottled water from mineral springs. This of course is a bold-faced lie. It still contains some ultra-fine remnants of crap!
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Fossil is an Ancestor of Man

We know that we are related to sea creatures. Finding which ones are close ancestors is the problem. Dr Garcia-Bellido holds that odd-looking fossils of Nesonektris had cartilage which has the same structure as the "tails" of human embryos.

Muscles latch on to notochord cartilage. Findings have been published in BMC Evolutionary Biology by universities of Adelaide and South Australia with the South Australian Museum. The University of New England also took part in the research.

The source of the 500 million year old fossil is Kangaroo Island. This region has some of the world's richest fossil beds. vetulicolians lived in the Cambrian period and were filter feeders. Their cartilaged-tails were used for propulsion. This type of connections with humans had been overlooked in the past.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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Whales Took an Evolutionary Leap Forward

Eons ago ancestors of whales made a major leap forward in evolution of their mouths. Whales living today can filter-feed in large amounts because the lower jaw is flexible in movement.

Ancient fossils such as Janjucetus hunderi do not have such a mobile lower jaw. The development of this attribute probably initially evolved to consume large living prey. It began with a wide upper jaw and normal teeth - no comb filters. Erich Fitzgerald from the Museum Victoria in Melbourne has created a family tree showing whale evolution.

The way whales feed is unique. It is believed that sucking when feeding still takes place, a left over from the days of the wide upper jaw.

A big question is why whales went back into the sea in the first place.
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