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Sun Shines From Cat's Ass

Sun shines from cat's ass
"I give you the light."
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I will give to you light.

Aboriginal Subsistence Fires Benefit the Ecosystem

Bush fires are natural in Australia. Far from being a curse, they benefit the environment and wildlife generally. Of course this has to be qualified by houses being destroyed and injuries to people. Aboriginals have been intentionally lighting fires for thousands of years.

Actually, it has a positive impact on kangaroo evolution. A fire promotes an increase in kangaroo numbers. To get the greatest benefit the best time for a burn-off  can be identified. Human subsistence is crucial in managing this. It compliments the ecosystem.

Modern farming is detrimental to the way wildlife functions. The system is thrown off-balance. Stopping the burn-off and mono cropping changes everything. Australia needs more burning, not less. Authorities are following the wrong policy. Leaving native trees to grow tall can only lead to eventual disaster as a massive fire results as time passes.

Managed fires provide more food for animals as new shoots appear. Animals can also hide from predators in patches of older growth in the flatter landscape. It is only in farming areas that kangaroos increase to pest proportions. There is a natural peak in regions still controlled in the traditional way by Aboriginals.
Anthropology by Ty Buchanan
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The Cost of Electricity Will Rise If Electric Car Ownership Increases

There isn't much doubt that as people adopt alternative means of transportation and relinquish the hold that the internal combustion engine has over us that costs will increase for alternative "fuels". A hope for the future is electric cars, the cost now being only a fifth of comparable petrol or diesel vehicles. If the majority of the population actually do buy electric cars the supply of electricity will have to be increased. More power stations will have to be built.

The Japanese accident shows that nuclear is no longer an option for future power generation. This means more pollution from coal and oil power stations. Electric cars are not an easy solution to the pollution problem. It is just a cheaper means of transportation, for the present.

The market always pushes up the price of alternatives. Households in the future will have a hefty electricity bill for lighting, heating and so on of their homes. Two tier pricing is not an option. All electricity will eventually have to be paid for at the same price from the first unit used, whether it be for home heating or the car.
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