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The American Chaco Was a Matriarchal Civilization

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American societies held their elite in high esteem. They were seen as special and distinct from ordinary people. The Chaco civilization of New Mexico began in 800 and ended in 1130.  It had female rulers. Research on remains proves this.  ||| American of Chaco as civilization Matriarchal | population |||
Chaco civilzation
Fourteen skeletons were of regal females and had expansive entombments such shell pendants and necklaces were found in their graves, along with abalone and conch shells. Rare turquoise was also placed alongside their bodies. The general population had great respect for them.   ||| Chaco in civilization on Matriarchal | australian |||    

The nine skeletons examined had the same mitochondrial DNA. The genes went down through the female lineage. It was a plainly a female tradition. This does not imply that men did not administer society. It indicates that females were head of state - usually. It was conceivable that male children of these women did occasionally govern.  However could not pass this right to their descendants. | | not. |      | rulers american en Chaco up civilization or matriarchal.
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Man Still Has a Hunter Gatherer Body

The big debate - has Man evolved to eat anything? Of course, eating everything is a huge claim. Human beings have only lived in large groups for 10,000 years. Is this time enough to evolve to eat processed foods? Personally, I would say no. Even scientists who claim this are misguided. They are believing their own propaganda.
Paleo diet of primitive man hunter gatherers
Evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk says evolution over the last few thousand years has allowed us to digest milk. Don't be fooled by the expertise claimed by this scientist. It should be remembered that many people especially Asians still cannot consume milk without becoming sick. This evolutionary "benefit" is not yet complete. She also says that the hunter-gatherer diet is not known. This is wrong. A great deal is known about the diet of primitive Man. Study of isolated African tribes shows that women collected tubers and berries while men brought home meat every few days. This did not change for hundreds of thousands of years.

Until the last century most humans lived in sparsely populated regions. Was evolutionary "progress" sufficient to change the dietary capability of people in such a short time? Certainly not! Ms Zuk's claims are rubbish. It has been proved that autism is dietary in nature. Changing a diet improves the well being of a sufferer. Scientists still ignore this proven truth.

Processed food may keep you alive but it makes you suffer as well. High intake of sugar for the general population began in the United States in the early 20th century. The Americans were fatter than the British, for example, at that time due to the sugar. Only the wealthy could afford sugar in 19th century Victorian England.  Unfortunately, the Western diet has spread throughout the whole world. The problem with processed food is that vitamins, minerals, protein and particularly carbohydrates can be concentrated into a product, but toxic elements are concentrated as well. However, we do not know which elements are making us ill. Carbohydrate gives potent amounts of energy, but it also makes us fat if we don't use it.

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