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Cat Sees Its Dinner

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Cat sees dinner
"Ah, dinner is ready."

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Otter Takes a Cake

"That will be mine!"
.. .. Hungry sea otter goes for sweet eats for his supper. otter takes cake weasel elk baboon amusing elephant seagull gold wallaby perch jackal otter to takes in cake shark platypus gecko turtle tiger rat blackbird lobster play chimp brown otter on takes bird penguin owl prawn albatross magpie robin deer Orangutan bass goldfish otter flea wolf sheep tadpole goat bat squid toad pelican spider butterfly otter as takes at cake eagle finch canary ostrich dolphin bug squirrel mouse marlin rhinoceros otter go takes it cake moose thrush emu frog whale zebra wildebeest snail tortoise swan crab or takes of cake chimpanzee puma possum carp crocodile cow octopus vulture monkey seal dingo ape lizard boar wombat at fish seahorse budgie snake beetle .. .. | comical performing animal reaches for human treats rather than fish whiskers. |

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Cat Eats Camera

Photographer cat has dinner
"Quick, let me take this pic,  I haven't had lunch!"
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Tys Country

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Bear Tongue Gets Sandwich

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Bear reaches for a snack
'I will have that sandwich!"
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Chimp is farcical - forgets lunch!

Hysterical chimpanzee forget to eat.
monkey forgets lunch dinner food eat
"Damn I forgot lunchtime!"
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Tiger Lunch

"Visitors, yum! Tasty! I haven't had lunch yet."
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Australians Workers Not to Eat Meat - Dictated by Employer

If you do a paid job for a customer shouldn't you be allowed to eat what you want in your lunchbreak? I would think that most people would say yes. A Hindu billionaire, Pankaj Oswal, has dictated that workers do not eat meat while working at his home. The construction union of Western Australia has said that workers will eat what they want. Mr Oswal's case was based on the proposition that companies and organizations worldwide have rules such as no-smoking and no-drinking while at the premises. Rajan Zed of the Universal Society of Hinduism has called on the Australian Human Rights Commission to intervene.

I wonder, if Mr Oswal had chosen Hindu workers would he have had this problem? Surely there are Hindu workers out there. It would have been easier for Mr Oswla to do this. Considering he has set designated areas for workers to eat anything they want.

Rajan Zed has seen this as an opportunity to preach. He says, "Hinduism promoted strict vegetarianism insisting on ahimsa (not harming living creatures) and non-killing, and renouncing animal slaughter and meat eating." He further adds the dig: "Australia seemed to be lacking in human rights culture and it needed to do a lot to become a fully civilized society and to stay competitive globally." Such a statement is unfounded. Australia is a forward thinking country, not backward looking. We are moving to an era when all religious restrictions will be stopped. The world is in a mess today because people blindly follow religious "rules" based on myth. Note how the Catholic Church has recently accused atheists of being the cause of world problems.

Put succinctly, Australia welcomes all creeds, but it must not make restrictive changes to Australian society - particularly at the whim of a billionaire. I question whether Mr Oswal has ever hurt anyone in making his billions. Don't people count as "living creatures"?
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