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Lemur Gets Carrot Cake

A lemur has many needs. One of them is good food - not your normal animal grub, but human stuff. It has requirements for sweet, sticky stuff that is bad for your health. As long as a vegetable is eaten with it makes things right. At last humans have listened and provided good food such as a tasty carrot cake. = Lemur or Gets on Carrot in Cake up. * Lemur at Gets it Carrot of Cake to. ^ Lemur do Gets is Carrot as Cake go. ( Lemur be Gets ox Carrot ho Cake ah

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|| At last they give me real food! ||
Dog blends into carpet
"At last they give me real food!"
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wik the wor

Humans Not the First Upright Ape to do Rock Art

Lost handwriting skills
Advanced Man was not the earliest to put his mark on cave walls. H. neanderthalensis had imagination too. Mister Neandertal made patterns composed of dots. He also did oral spray painting of hands. But it took people to depict animals. * Humans were First up Upright to Ape at Rock be Art oh Humans did First as Upright we Ape he Rock oz Art in Humans hit First ok Upright no Ape is Rock ha Art la Humans made go First to Upright by Ape am Rock an Art ho Humans ran eh First if Upright it Ape uh Rock us Art do Humans wrote or First hi Upright on Ape or Rock in Art as Humans was of First by Upright my Ape be Rock am Art so * ~ if Neanderthal see human ply oreopithecus way apes hot study lot walking wiz bipedal us locomotor has walk veg bipedalism own ancestors nay legs pix locomotion ~ ⦿ tie Neanderthal pit human he oreopithecus ret apes gov study sub walking of bipedal nab locomotor set walk new bipedalism the ancestors sum legs aye locomotion zip body was habitual hi spine not russo zap findings pad extinct max fossil for lumbar a vertebrae tea anatomy of university id habitually or evidence wit anatomical ono features add shapiro we debate yeh sacrum ⦿ ∎ Neanderthal human oreopithecus apes study walking bipedal locomotor walk bipedalism ancestors legs locomotion body habitual spine russo findings extinct fossil lumbar vertebrae anatomy university habitually evidence anatomical features shapiro debate sacrum ∎

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Neanderthal rock art

Professional Photography Dies

Like many other professions, professional photography has died due to the Internet. If a person at a party tells you he is a professional photographer, you put him in the same group as journalists and consultants: you quietly whisper in your wife's ear that the bloke over there is unemployed.
If you patent a new mousetrap and you say you have given it away, you will not get a patent because it is has become public knowledge and someone is already using the concept. Like photography, just about everyone is taking and freely distributing photos.

A so-called professional photographer who shows his work online is really doing the same thing as the person trying to patent an idea. Even if the photographer blocks a direct save to a computer by website coding, users can easily snap the picture in all its high definition glory. To expect payment is naive with the Internet as it is.

Professional photographers will not retire wealthy. They will not get sufficient income to pay their costs. It is silly for them to feel superior and hold onto a job that has no future.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Funny Walk Cat

"Imagine you have a book on your head"
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Funny Animal Photos
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Cat Works Out

"The workouts are paying off. I'm really bulking-up now."
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Funny Animal Photos