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Lemur Gets Carrot Cake

Dog blends into carpet
"At last they give me real food!"
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wik the wor
A lemur has many needs. One of them is good food - not your normal animal grub, but human stuff. It has requirements for sweet, sticky stuff that is bad for your health. As long as a vegetable is eaten with it makes things right. 

Glenn Stevens Puts His Foot in His Mouth

Some prominent people say ridiculous things. Glenn Stevens of the Reserve Bank really put his foot in his mouth when he said miserable people are responsible for a poor economy. I would like to know his source for such a bold statement.

He said, "If people don't get happy soon I will have to put interest rates up again as punishment." He should be more responsible. Making lightly about people having to have botox injections to get rid of their worry lines is something you would expect from a comedian. And he ain't no comedian. His job is one of the most important in the country. High interest rates are no laughing matter.

His attempts at humour are extremely bad. Saying stupid things like people should holler with happiness in the morning and Lara Bingle has a new partner are pathetic.
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