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Dr Pepperberg African Grey Parrot is Smart

||| Pepperberg is the cleverest parrot of all. |. |||
Parrot of the grey African variety wins the smart test! Alex is 31 years old.  He has learned over 100 words, is good at counting and can recognize colors and shapes. The smart bird has appeared TV programs. Learning has been a way of life for the bird.   ||| parrot smart way new on smart parrot |||
Smart African grey parrot
Ms Pepperberg purchased the pet from a pet shop in 1977. She had little expectation that he would really emulate language. Throughout the years the "virtuoso" has aced many accomplishments. The idiosyncrasies of the coach was also duplicated. Surprisingly, endeavors were made to enhance his elocution and it was successful.   ||| smart to parrot in pepperberg to smart at parrot | |||    

Tragically, he has passed away. Before Alex died he looked toward his mentor and said: "You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you." His life ended during the night. This kind of parrot, Psittacus erithacus, makes an ideal pet. Many are mimicking words in the homes of their owners, currently.  |

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Heart on Dog's Body

"I love you with my whole body."
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Police to Identify People by Nose Shape

Police are upgrading detective work from fingerprints to "nose prints". It seems we all have different noses, so we can be identified by surveillance cameras. While fingerprints and iris scans are being used for "signing in" and entry to premises, work on identification by nose shape is being ramped up. A lot has been done on ear shape, which also differs quite markedly from person to person.

People tend to cover everything but their noses when they are up to no good. Another thing is, if a suspect does not cooperate he/she can be identified by the shape of their nose.

Plastic surgeon Dr Peter Callan says some noses are easy in determining a person's identity. For example, there is the classic Roman nose, Greek nose, turned-up, snub and hawk nose. Cameras that film in 3D give a very accurate picture of nose shape. However, to take a picture this way a person has to be moving quite slowly. It would be okay for prisoners. For general camera surveillance, when a person walks briskly at airports and train stations, only a basic shot can be taken.

It seems pinning a person down by nose shape will remain a backup system. It certainly does have its uses. Iris, face recognition and finger printing will still be the main ways of identifying a possible felon.  There is a problem with fingerprints.  A US citizen was recently arrested for a crime in the Middle East when a computer made a positive match.  However, the real perpetrator was caught and had a fingerprint virtually identical to the American man.
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