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The Reason for the Sodium-Water Explosion is Answered

Many answers have been found for mysterious things in nature. As time moves on most of the reasons why things are have been answered. A few common scientific "happenings" still persist. If sodium is placed in water it explodes. The why has now been identified.

A sodium-water explosion was filmed on high-speed cameras. The flash is caused by sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gases being release when water upsets the balance. Heat creates a point of ignition.

The mystery is that released hydrogen gas should enclose the sodium thus stopping the explosive reaction. Like life itself the answer lies in electricity. All life, such as the nervous system, functions by the flow of electrical current.

When the film of a sodium-water explosion was slowed down electrons (as metal spikes) were seen to jump from sodium into the water. The sodium becomes positive while the water also remains positive because of its mass. Like with magnetism two positive poles repel. It is this that creates the violent explosion. The sodium is destroyed and more electrons leave increasing the contact area with water. This increases the energy of the explosion.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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