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Insurance Companies to Force Genetic Testing

Life insurance is a con. We all know that. They take your money. Then when you make a claim they force you into court to make you back down or run you up a huge legal bill. I cashed my life insurance in when they stopped paying the share investment bonus that doubled what you paid in. Now if you close the policy you get back "less" than you paid in premiums.
Insurance companies want compulsory genetic testing
No one is perfect out there, so when they say they will make people have genetic tests before they can take out a policy you should be afraid. The big three insurers say they have not had one complaint from consumers so far. Unfortunately, the ones who had genetic tests have not made any claims yet. There will thousands of complaints when the insurance companies fail to pay out.

Thankfully, you cannot be forced to have a genetic test currently. However, you must hand one over if you have already had one - by law. Just why the government made giving up private information compulsory under force of law is a mystery.

Of those who have had a test or have had one when instructed by insurers (400), a very high 20 percent were refused cover. This is much higher than the half a million who gained cover without a test.
Genetics  by Ty Buchanan
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Homeopathy Claims by Firm are False

Let's face it - homeopathy is hogwash. How can a "medication" work if it is diluted into nothingness? Dilution of the main ingredients in homeopathic remedies is in the millions of particles to the base carrying substance. All cures are hearsay, with no scientific proof whatsoever.

Homeopathy Plus claimed that the whooping cough vaccine didn't work, but its homeopathic treatment was a substitute that did the job. This of course was all lies. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has taken the company to court on the grounds that the claims are misleading and deceptive.

The firm also made claims about cures for meningococcal disease, Japanese encephalitis, malaria and dengue fever. All these claims are mythical. Protests came from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration ordering the claims be taken down.  Homeopathy Plus ignored this.

More than a year after the advertising program has been completed a court has found in favor of the ACCC. The homeopathy company will not get away absolutely free. Penalties will be decided in February.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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