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Email is an Increasing Problem

Since the email was "invented" in 1977 it has continued as the main means of sending information that is admissible in court. Though you may think that what you say is not important, the content can be used against you in a court of law.
For light social exchange people use Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. If governments could get their hands on the data it would use that against you as well.

The main problem with email is that there is so much of it. The vast majority of users cannot deal with it. Most emails are discarded without being read simply because users think it is spam, or the nearest thing to it - continuing emails from a company you have either purchased something from or downloaded supposedly for free.

New email systems from Google, Amazon, IBM or WorkMail usually just provide more folders that you could create yourself. The boundary between work and home life is now blurred with a mass of emails that need ongoing, endless attention.

Trying to make email more manageable is just making it more complex. You cannot make anything simpler that opening an email, reading it and replying, or dumping it into Trash.
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Australia Post to Charge for Letter Deliveries

Australia Post is finding that the old model has died. The number of letters has dwindled while parcel deliveries are booming. Rather than use the old monopoly action of subsidizing one sector to support another, Australia Post wants more profit than ever. It is talking about charging for letter deliveries.

In the past, urban areas paid for the cost of deliveries to the thinly populated bush. Companies today are greedy, going for profit in all sectors. Talk about privatizing the postal service is not changing this attitude - it is enforcing it.

Free deliveries for only three days a week is on offer. with a significant weekly charge for full service. As critics have pointed out money will be needed to store all the letters on hold and sorting will become an almighty mess. Another thing for Australia Post to remember is that people who post letters already pay for delivery. The ACCC and the High Court should stop the national postal service charging twice.

The federal government could bring in new laws but there will definitely be a High Court challenge. The High Court has been a tough hurdle to jump over in the past.
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