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Fat Cat Drinks Beer

This heavyweight pussy has a liking for liquid amber. That's right: he likes drinking beer. What do you do when you have had a few? You have a lie down of course. Moggy has found a nice park bench to recuperate on. He won't get fat because he is only drinking ale. He has studies up on the issue.

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|| It's only lite. ||
Cat poses
"It's only lite."
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Australian Binge Drinking Problem

Australia is a society that "molds" itself around a culture of high alcohol consumption. Other countries also have this problem. Germany, Ireland, Scotland and England also have a reputation for excessive drinking behavior. None, though have the strong established culture as that in Australia.

The young learn from the old. Australian youth spend their weekends in a blur of binge drinking. Their parents have openly consumed alcohol at parties, barbecues and in pubs, since the youth were toddlers. And in Australia, children can be brought into pubs.

Cultural change is called for by the federal government. However, cultural norms of behavior are nearly impossible to change unless people feel a real crisis. The Ebola catastrophe in Africa have forced citizens to change their burial habits. Unfortunately, Australians do not take the alcohol crisis seriously. They think it does no apply to them.

The intention to charge mothers with a crime for damage to their unborn babies through heavy alcohol consumption is a step in the right direction. It could also be extended in the future to cover the obesity crisis as well. Regrettably, laws have not stopped illegal drug use. People are stubborn. It is like believing that you can change someone - individuals can change in the short term. They go back to their old ways in the long run.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Elephants Play Football

Not only humans enjoy a game of soccer. Elephants have a good time playing it too. Despite their size they are very fast and agile.

The fifth annual Chitwan festival in Nepal organized a soccer match for elephants in the region. Competition was rough with masters and elephants playing hard. The Wai Wai noodles team won the event. They dominated the final against the Hotel Association winning 3-0.

Riders sit on the backs of elephants while the animals really kick the ball around. An international elephant race has been included to bring more people (and elephants) to the festival.
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