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Summer Snow Falls in Australia

The weather is changing everywhere. It is not only getting hotter and more humid, i.e., rain; it is also getting colder in some places. The climate is erratic. It is all over the place. Peak summer in Australia is December and January. There is snow in the Australian Alps. This is unheard of. A cycling event on the weekend could be postponed.

Once every summer there is a very small snow "shower", but that is usually it. This year is different. The snow is getting heavier and it is in the low areas where they never get snow in summer. It is 20 cm deep in some areas.

Weather forecasting is improving, however. Snow was predicted a week ago. Summer tourists are arriving and they are not bringing winter clothing. Hopefully, the weather will improve and local income will not be affected as tourism is the regions major industry.
Climate by Ty Buchanan
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Climate Model Scientists Are in Decline

Climate models are presumed to be far too complicated for the layman to understand so they are left to the experts. However, the models save lives and valuable infrastructure. The complicated lines of code make predictions about future weather patterns.

Just a few decades ago weather could not be forecast for two days ahead. Currently, five day forecasts are common and they are reliable. Even seasonal outlooks are treated as valid. For examples, we have been told in Queensland that there will be a wet summer.

The all-seeing weather bureau is counted on to provide information about strong winds, hailstorms, cyclones and even the direction of forest fires.

To get an accurate prediction, up to date and correct data must be fed into the models. Computers are getting larger all the time and more complex models are being formulated. This is a complex job. Scientists need to draw on many specialized fields in physics, mathematics and computer science. No university offers a course teaching all these. Consequently, such gifted individuals must be sought rather than taught. The number of climate experts is declining.
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