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Cat Wears a Bow Tie Very Smart - Amusing

This feline is not playful. He is serious about taking on the job of butler. His owners need one and he his about to take up his duties. A free-loader he is not. He will cook, clean, tidy up and even iron the newspaper. No chore is too difficult for him. Perhaps taking out the trash is not on because they are too heavy. cat can wears bog bow has tie down very ah smart up amusing to cat will wears great bow mus tie up very uh smart to amusing if cat more wears be bow far tie in very ho smart go amusing do cat should wears for bow to tie on very uh smart we amusing me = za dog oh collar gu aud ex leash el collars oi shop ta product ou quality = ~ by dog id collar my aud ax leash as collars an shop am product of quality be dharf hi harness la quick as love ox set up great od view ~ * in dog on collar an aud to leash it collars at shop or product we quality he dharf up harness to quick uh love eh set go great at view ok full la details me size no cute so google is sale us wear ox pink a aussie i jacket *

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Cat wears a bow tie
"I am going out."
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New Dye was Adopted Quickly in the 18th Century

Despite this being a "scientific"age, not everything is known about the technology of the past.  New research shows that adoption of new things was quite rapid in the 19th century  For example, a dye was being used industrially only four years after its invention.
Methyl violet dye used to make a 19th century dress
Examination of purple threads from dresses by molecular spectroscopy shows that shows that it was widely used by consumers. Before synthetic dyes were developed only royalty could afford purple dresses as existing dyes were made from molluscs.

After analysis using thin layer chromatography, energy dispersive x-ray and enhanced Raman spectroscopy a dye was identified in three dresses as being methyl violet. It was invented in 1861 and in shops by 1865, Even today getting a new product to market is usually only done with computer related merchandise.
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan 
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