New Dye was Adopted Quickly in the 18th Century

Despite this being a "scientific"age, not everything is known about the technology of the past.  New research shows that adoption of new things was quite rapid in the 19th century  For example, a dye was being used industrially only four years after its invention.
Methyl violet dye used to make a 19th century dress
Examination of purple threads from dresses by molecular spectroscopy shows that shows that it was widely used by consumers. Before synthetic dyes were developed only royalty could afford purple dresses as existing dyes were made from molluscs.

After analysis using thin layer chromatography, energy dispersive x-ray and enhanced Raman spectroscopy a dye was identified in three dresses as being methyl violet. It was invented in 1861 and in shops by 1865, Even today getting a new product to market is usually only done with computer related merchandise.
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan 
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