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DNA Readies You for the Winter

It is commonly believed that DNA does its job and is just "there", non-functioning. However, new research shows DNA to be pro-active. It reads our senses and reacts accordingly. DNA detects the seasons and changes ones' body chemistry accordingly.
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As many as a fifth of all blood cells genes change with the season. Gene switches are turned on or off to achieve this. In winter immune responders are at a high level. The blood gets thinner in summer knowing that you will be more active. Body-building, fat-burning and water retention is the objective in hotter months.

It is possible that living in air conditioned buildings could leave you body at risk of disease because the preparatory changes are not complete. Even the length of day is now distorted by artificial light.  While having ant-inflammatory chemicals ready and operational in winter is rationally useful, inflammation in itself damages the body, particularly when there is no attack on the body.

It seems DNA knows what it is doing. This is not proven though. Body reactions have been developed by evolution. Remember, there have been dead ends where species have disappeared when the environment changed. Whether, white bread is safe to eat is still not known. Only 10,000 years of human consumption of this unnatural substance proves nothing.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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