Can City Sanitary Systems Stand Up to Fat People?

The fattest people in the world are Americans closely followed by Australians. This is not true. Bahrain has the fattest women. Even in that country fat people are looked down upon. They have a high risk of getting many life-threatening diseases. I don't want to be rude but women in Islamic states do tend to be on the large side. Perhaps this is due to the men not wanting them to be attractive to other men. Maybe Australian wives are fat because their husbands take the same view.

New research has shown that fat people have lower activity in frontal lobes. This increases risk-taking behavior. Gambling apparently has a cause. Mass produced foods are causing behavioral change in societies. As developing countries adopt Western dietary habits their societies change as well. Preservatives and colorings are the main factors. High carbohydrate and protein diets are also detrimental. Gone are the days when women foraged for wild vegetables and berries while their men brought home meat once a week. Eating too much food definitely contributes to diabetes. This disease is rising as people eat, eat and eat.

A human being should only eat one meal a day. Many have four meals a day and eat between meals. Treat-taking is becoming the norm. When people do the weekly shopping they fill the trolleys with soft drinks, chips, chocolates and lollies. Rich, sweet deserts are popular. Your body can do without them. It is not a question of whether the health systems can stand up to this onslaught. In the long run city sanitary systems may not cope.
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