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The Elderly Deserve a Pension

It is a pipe dream to raise the pension eligibility age and expect the elderly to go back to work. With thousands of young able bodied young people unemployed what kind of work are older people going to do?

Employers will not have older workers unless there is some sort of financial benefit. It makes no sense to give this with all the youngsters looking for work. Furthermore, making the unemployed wait six months to get any money at all is absolutely irrational. How are they going to get food to eat? The crime rate will rapidly increase. We will be back to the days of being imprisoned for stealing an apple.

Many of the young would like to see the accumulated assets of the elderly confiscated and given to them in benefits. Little goodwill is left in society. The old, worked 12 hour days, seven days a week in hard physical labor to gain their assets. The young today will only lift things under a certain weight. They use lifting machines to move heavy things around.

When I was a child I used to marvel at my father, a short man of average build. He took me with him in his delivery truck during my school holidays. He would unload 112lb bags of cement, but he carried two bags, one on each shoulder! Other men only carried one.

The elderly have worked hard for what they have. They should not be attacked and treated like lazy old welfare bludgers. They have served society and paid their taxes: they deserve respect and a decent income in the twilight of their lives.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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