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Bread Is Going Stale Overnight - Sell Your Shares in Mighty Soft

Bread making companies who supply supermarkets are no longer adding calcium propionate (282) to their product. Have you noticed how your slices of bread are going stale along one side over the last month? This is due to the omission of this preservative. How can a company calling a product "Mighty Soft" possibly stay in business when its bread goes stale quick smart? Tip Top has also stopped adding 282. I have searched supermarket shelves looking at bread packaging for the additive. Unfortunately, all companies seem to have stopped using it.

Consumers will not buy bread that is virtually stale when it is purchased. Even freezing the loaves has no effect because the bread is already "dry" before you put it in the fridge. Splitting a loaf into two halves, bagging it in a brown paper bag then putting it into a plastic sandwich bag will also not solve the problem. The only answer is to do what people did a half century ago - buy bread daily or have it delivered each day.

The do-gooders will be jumping with joy saying how healthy bread has become, but this bread will end up in rubbish bins as working people nationwide open their lunch boxes to find stale sandwiches. Children will be spitting it across the table..

Calcium propionate inhibits mould. Furthermore, contrary to what is stated in information sheets, preservative 282 also keeps bread softer for longer.
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