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Government Believes Welfare Recipients Take Ice

The right wing Australian government continues its usury of welfare recipients. It treats them like trash, sorting them and throwing out who they deem to be ripping off society. Like treasurer Joe Hockey says, the welfare state has ended, while he continues to take a $1,000 handout each month for a house his wife owns in Canberra.
Crystal methamphetamine ice
Is there a link between the illegal use of the drug ice and those on Centrelink payments? There obviously isn't! However, the government plans to test all those receiving money. All Australians do not have equal rights. If you have a job you can continue to work being powered along by crystal methamphetamine.

Drug taking will never be stopped despite the war by police instigated by government. In ancient times only medicine men and in some cases women had the knowledge of how to "potion-out" mind alternating chemicals. Their distorted "dreaming" was mistaken for contact with the afterlife. Today, everyone can easily access the chemicals commonly termed drugs to go on a trip. If anything illegal drugs can currently be more easily obtained.

It looks like mandatory 10 year imprisonment for 2g or more of ice. What is magical about 2g? Nothing really. It is arbitrary. It could be a tonne. C
ontinually testing known addicts is a waste of time and money.  You are hooked for life. Money should be spent on preventing potential new users from experimenting. Treatment doesn't do any good.
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