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Tony Abbot's Government Has a Clear Policy

The Abbott government has a clear policy driving its actions : it strongly believes in the free market mechanism and is "trying" to balance the books like a successful business. However, a government is not a business. It operates to benefit its people.

You need a heart to understand what your citizens want. Unfortunately, Abbot does not have a heart. He is selfish in forcing his beliefs on the Australian people, because that is what they are - beliefs. The market will not provide a fair health care system. In the US market health care runs riot over the welfare of the people. This is what Abbott wants to foister on Australians.

Tony Abbot is not interested in democracy. Belly aching about not being able to get his $7 GP co-payment through the senate was laughed at by delegates at the G20 conference. How obsessed can one be? He is definitely too selfish for words. He wants to force his views on the country like John Howard did. Note, Howard not only lost government in his last election, he lost his safe liberal seat as well.

Tony Abbott will have problems at the next federal election. However, he can always count of GPs who have far right conservative tendencies. This is despite the fact that they get wealthy being paid under a socialist medical system. The current health care structure is too ingrained in Australia for the conservative Coalition to demolish, despite their wish to do so.
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