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Amputees Go on a Dove Hunt

You would think people who have lost limbs would have compassion. Sadly this is not the case. In Olney, Texas, those who have lost limbs meet to exchange stories about their lives and "shoot doves". I am not making this up. Apparently they get a kick out of hunting down the defenseless creatures.

The "club" was established in 1972 by Jack Northrup and Jack Bishop. Seventeen people showed up at the first meeting. Apparently, not all members actually shoot doves. Some attend to enjoy the talk about life and the gadgets amputees have made to improve their lives

The doves multiply to such an extent that they are in plague proportions in 40 states. No less than 400 million are believed to exist. The hunt is not wasteful: they make a good meal. Cooks have experimented by wrapping doves in Bacon then stuffing them with jalapenos. Now the word is out the club expects to get visitors from all over the world.
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Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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Muscles Created for Nanobots

Can nanobots have muscles? Researchers have made very strong, flexible muscles that could be used by nanobots to travel around the body diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

As flexible limbs much like octopus tentacles, artificial muscles can move objects a thousand times heavier. Thinner than a human hair, the "yarns" are cheap to make. They could potentially be used for pumps, valves, stirrers and flagella for drug discovery.

They were created by applying an electrochemical charge to spun carbon nanotubes making them twist into helical yarns. They are ideal to attach to bots as a tiny tail, a flagella, to propel the bot forward.

This was a truly international breakthrough. Participants in the work were the University of Wollongong, Australia, the University of Texas and Hanyang University of Korea.
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