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World's Oldest Cheese Containing Deadly Disease in Egyptian Tomb

Say cheese for me. No, you are not having your photograph taken. The world's oldest solid cheese has been found. It is 3,200 years old and was discovered in Egypt. Unfortunately it is diseased and cannot be eaten.

World's oldest cheese

The "slab" was owned by the mayor of Memphis Ptahmes in the 13th-century BC. It has been lying around in his tomb all this time. Put in with the official at the time of his death, it was carefully wrapped in canvas.

Though it was identified as cheese. Whether it was made from cow, goat or sheep milk is not known. If anyone had eaten it they would have become very ill because it contained the bacterium of the deadly disease brucellosis.

The presence of brucellosis have now been pushed back over 3,000 years. It has not been determined if it was a delicacy, maybe used as medicine or the tasty food was commonly consumed as ordinary meals.

Dr Greco also identified the most ancient Italian olive oil and the earliest wine. Research continues in the Egyptian tomb of Ptahmes. The search for food of the past is called archaeofood. It is a growing field of archeology.
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Egyptian Mummification Began in Tribal Times

Scientists put all the facts together about a subject then reach a decision on what is truth. This decision is agreed upon by the majority of specialists in the area and becomes fact that is put forward in books and education. Unfortunately, time sometimes proves these "facts" to be wrong.

Australian researchers using the latest findings have changed their view on the age of Egyptian mummies. The artifacts are now believed to be 1,500 years older than was put forward in the scientific literature.

Mummification began as far back as 3,500BC. The original claim of 2,200BC was wrong. Even in prehistoric tribal times Egyptians embalmed their dead. Evidence from objects on show in Bolton Museum, England, proved the thesis. They were analysed and the shock discovery was made. Chemicals from an old embalming process were identified.

This preservation of mainly the hands and heads of deceased people with high status began before written language was developed. Of course, this belief about language could also be proved wrong in the future.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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