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Six-Letter Genetic Code Creates New Life

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Beware, science is going down unexplored roads. Bacteria that are semi-synthetic are being created with a six-letter genetic code. New forms of life useful to Man could be on offer.  Hopefully, they will be used in medical treatment. | .. .. not stories news. | .. |
Base six DNA organism
"Normal" life has a base of four letters. Escherichia coli is a bacteria which has a synthetic pair of X and Y blended into it. The six bases stay together despite not conforming to the usual ruling double helix model.  | .. .. | australian| .. .. |   

The E. coli was manipulated to more readily take the pair into its DNA. Also the Y base was made easier for the searching enzymes to find. Bacteria that resisted the pair were selected out to create an ideal "host" E.coli. | .. .. | not. | .. ..

We are a long way from having practical helper organisms. Maybe ten years down the track there will something we can use. Until then it will remain a dream.    | .. .. | not | .. .. |