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Alens Are Watching or Maybe Germans - From Inside the Earth!

They are here! The bug eyed, green aliens that is.  A scientist supports the view that we are being visited by aliens. In Professor Davies' opinion these non-Earth creatures have lived here inside the planet for centuries. They live in places which is too inhospitable for humans. That is why they have not been discovered - at least by the general public. These lifeforms are not made of the same stuff as humans, he concludes. He also says that finding them "would be the biggest discovery in biology since Darwin and evolution". He ain't kiddin'. It would shock people out of their complacency!

But, he is only saying what many people have been thinking for decades - that governments have already met these aliens and have reached an agreement with them which allows human experimentation. In return, governments like the US get information that enables them to make giant steps in the development of weaponry.

We have to be careful about people making outlandish claims, however. One guy said he had a picture taken by a Martian lander which showed a human skull on the ground. Like the "face" on the Moon, aliens will probably been shown to be just conjecture. It's amazing what one can see in low pixelled photographs: like looking at clouds and seeing horses and angels.  BUT, are we being watched?  Have they been here all the time?  Commander Byrd, the American who supposedly flew over the North Pole and inside the earth, found Caucasians who spoke German.  Other sources say German mercenaries for the Portuguese went down into underground caverns in the Amazon in the 16th century.
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