Seasons and Ocean Distorts Australian Continent

The continent of Australia distorted by the seasons
continents are not static. They are pliable and change shape. In Australia it is called the continental wiggle. Ocean water moves in line with the seasons. It causes measurable deformation.
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Australian continent changes shape

The Earth is not a perfect sphere. It is lopsided. This disrupts the flow of the ocean. From April on, Australia is "pushed" to the east. This changes in October when it is pushed to the west and a bit to the north.
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Australia's measurement is determined by two satellites. It may be only millimeters but the Australian continent is moving. During the northern hemisphere winter, build up of snow and ice makes the Earth "top-heavy", which creates changes in the ocean.
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The planet's center of mass moves to the South Pacific when the ice melts. Australia is in the middle of this see-saw effect, so it impacts more here than any other land mass.
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