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Memorization Is Still Useful at University

It has been said that memorizing answers is not good preparation for university. This is based on the premise that much tertiary work is research and evaluation. But what about exams? Semester examinations can contribute from 10 to 50 per cent of a subject, depending on who creates the "set up" of a course.

Lecturers set exams based upon their own knowledge. They can't help themselves. It is like an artist who paints a crowd. On close perusal of the picture you can see many instances of little artists everywhere. In other words painters tend to create images of themselves. University lecturers test students on their own knowledge - they have their own pet areas.

Students can benefit from this. They can take a recording device into lectures. Indeed, many institutions record lectures for students who miss them for unforeseen reasons. It is possible to buy devices that play back speech very fast. They have a tone control to normalize the pitch. Students can play lectures over and over again at their leisure to memorize lecturers' favorite areas of knowledge. You can virtually guarantee this will be tested for in exams.

Just about every subject has a political dimension - economics, political science, sociology, anthropology and historiography. Determine where on the political spectrum a lecturer is positioned. Write assignments that support their view. Then you will get good marks.
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