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Police Drug Testing Equipment is Faulty

testing EquipmentLaw: Police drug testing equipment so faulty they do not stand up in court.
You can trust the police. Can't you? Sure, even if the equipment they use to convict you for drug use do not work accurately, or not at all! Draeger Drug Test 5000 machines are the malfunctioning equipment.
Draeger drug test machine
Furthermore, a third of saliva testing kits (STKs) go strait in the bin when they do not work. The kits should turn blue, but nothing happens. Even an investigation into quality control has not solved the problems.

If you are charged with drug taking using the equipment any solicitor worth his salt will get you off scot-free. Moreover, the test for cannabis has never worked. This is like the mine detectors sold to the Afghan government that were found to be just a plastic casing with nothing inside. Draeger is pulling a fast one and getting away with it. State police departments or state governments, who do the purchasing, must be stupid.
 Law by Ty Buchanan 
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