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AMD Concentrates on Australia

The Personal Computer is dead. We have seen this many times in the media. This, of course, is not true. businesses rely on PCs. Tablets and mobile phones just don't cut the mustard when it comes to high output data and Internet usage. Try typing a report on a tablet whether it has an attachable keyboard or not and you will be doing it all day. Those tiny keys are just not realistic for most people.

AMD is ratcheting up investment in the Australian commercial computer market. It sees boom times ahead with its new quadruple chip. The company sees Australia as a test market for "differentiation and better value." Australia is now known as a "channel" for AMD.

Many companies are selling AMD products including HP, Dell and Lenovo. AMD is becoming the server of choice in the market. India is a huge market for AMD particularly in education. Its main target is government contracts. The sheer range of offerings by AMD outranks all its rivals. Indeed, its first ARM 64-bit processor came out this year.

In 2013 sales in Australia and New Zealand more than doubled. Using Oceania as a test market makes sense. It costs less to see mistakes made. They can chose what is really successful and promote that in the rest of the world. At last, a company that is doing the job properly.
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