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New Glasses "Cure" Color Blindness

It is not known how many levels of vision there are: There could be billions. Every human being and animal for that matter sees the world differentially. It was believed that all people are the same. We are not. Shades of color can be divided into finer and finer degrees. At one end are the color blind. At the other are probably the most skilled painters.
Glasses cure color blindness
As we age, like taste our vision of the world fades. It is so gradual: we do not notice that the number of colors we see has diminished. Special glasses have been made to change shades of color into fine levels of black. gray and white. This works well in that color blind people have  got through the "Ishihara" detection test for this malady.

It may be possible to improve perception of gray spectrum shades. Perhaps even detection of colors can be increased. This is for the future though. For now the new spectacles have had a great impact. Adult men have been brought to tears when the glasses are first put on.

Color blindness is the most common congenital malady in humans. It is partially gender specific. Most sufferers are men. Color is not totally absent for these people. They can see specific colors when they are bright. It is like being able to play music "by ear". The shades disappear when there are lower faint realms.

There is no doubt that some color people are not good motor vehicle drivers. Reading road signs is a problem. Even seeing brake lights becoming brighter when a vehicle in front brakes is difficult. At the moment there is discrimination against elderly drivers. There are calls for them to take tests every year. No doubt if this does happen then there will be calls for the color blind to be similarly tested. This will be unfortunate.
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