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Google Must Pay Optus for its Ads

Technology: Google must pay Optus to get ads on its network.
Optus in Australia is planning to block ads on its network. This is a blow to companies like Google who are trying to bring down the system by banning ad blockers from its app store. Google's actions will not change anything. Many browsers are making ad blockers a built-in feature.
OPTUS to make Google pay for ads
If companies want to advertise they will have to send a popup to users to turn off their blockers to view the site. Of course, users will move on to another site. Don't be fooled though by carriers blocking ads. They will take money from adverrisers to let ads through, only to be blocked by individual users' local blockers. Power! Telcos do not have that much power. The market will not turn back now.

Carriers do have power over Facebook, Google, and news organizations. They will have fork out "blackmail" money to telcos who will say no pay now show. Companies like Shine in Israel are in a new market. Shine been hired by Optus to do the work ,so Optus can man the drawbridge - to only let paying guests get in.

There will be a class action case soon to make telcos reduce recorded download usage. Users do not want this advertising c... included in their broadband usage. After all this is a pay as you go world. Why should consumers pay for something they do not order? It isn't done anywhere else in the market.
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