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Chemistry Pushes ISIS Forward

Invincible soldiers created by chemistry.
It is not a new idea to "fill-up" front line soldiers with drugs when they take on the enemy. Sappers in WWII were told to inject themselves with morphine before advancing to set off mines so infantry who followed could move forward. It was common knowledge that the US turned a blind to marijuana use by its solders during the Vietnam war.
Fenethyline superhuman
ISIS is also into this game. Alcohol is a no-no because the Holy Book specifically says it should not be imbibed. The Koran says that intoxicants are abominations. All drugs are intoxicants. This has not stopped drugs being used by ISIS to make fighters feel superhuman.

Daesh soldiers are being given fenethyline. This is an amphetamine compound and is very cheap. It has not been available in the West since 1980 due to side effects. ISIS makes it and sells it to anyone who wants to buy. The income is used to obtain weapons.

Fenethyline makes one feel invincible. You will keep going for days without sleeping. Your energy is boundless as long as you keep taking it. Even being wounded will not stop you. Pain is numbed. Unlike other drugs it stays in the body for up to 24 hours.
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