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Replace the International Whaling Commission

The problem with the International Whaling Commission (IWC) is that it is too bureaucratic and pussy foots around still toying with the concept of "scientific" whaling. All research on whales should be banned and have done with it. Leave the mammals alone and they will look after themselves. They do not need human intervention.

Of course, finding that Japan was not practicing scientific whaling left the door open for them to change their methods and continue slaughtering the defenseless creatures. Unfortunately, the IWC was never set up to stop the killing. It was meant to manage the widespread industry in the 1940s.

The moratorium and having whale sanctuaries in the Antarctic have failed, as Japan keeps bending the rules. Japan continues to rave and jump up and down about their culture. Since when has culture been part of lawmaking - it never has been.

The IWC is far too soft and it exists because the industry still exists. Set up a completely new body with tough laws that completely bans interference in the life of whales. Even whale watching should be banned. People do not have the right to such a "freedom". Do they have the freedom to shoot elephants? No they don't!
 Environment by Ty Buchanan 
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