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Unfamiliar Species Are Endangered

Endangered species in Australia tend to be those that do not fair well in human affection. Plenty is spent on koalas because they are seen as cuddly. In reality though they are not. Indeed, if one attempts to pick up a wild koala it goes on an all out attack if it cannot get away.

Some endangered animals are not exactly ugly. The grey-headed flying fox, a bat, is quite cute as shown in the photo.  It is just not in the mainline thinking of people. The average person knows very little about it.

Many cringe when the word "bat" is mentioned. They do carry some diseases, but cases where bats pass these on to humans are quite rare. The grey-headed bat is Australia's largest and is responsible for pollination of many plants, mostly trees.

There are more than 19,000 threatened species in Australia, 1,000 of them mammals. Some species that could be saved with a small amount of money are not helped, while others such as koalas get too much money. Koalas are being pampered to death if that is possible. Too much human intervention can do more harm than good.
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