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Our Genes Hold the Key to History

History is based on artifacts with huge gaps in the timeline. Academics fill in the spaces and tell us that this is absolute truth. Of course, we are not stupid: we know that much of what happened in the past will never be found. However, real history is in our genes. The "modern" world has only been here for a couple of centuries. we have not changed much from our ancestors when they came out of Africa perhaps 90,000 years ago.
Mongolians invaded europe
Sure, many of us have become paler than those who remained in Africa. Some genes coincidentally related to this have become more prominent in Europeans and Asians. The ability to more easily digest dairy products in an example of related genes. By tracing these genes the human mixing process has become clearer.

Times of conflict increase the mixing process. Tough times in medieval Europe and the Crusades in north Africa were such eras. A reverse mix occurred when north Africans moved into Spain. It has come to light that immigration took place from Mongolia into Europe before Genghis Khan. Nothing is recorded in the history record about this. History is surely the life of conquerors. waves of human movements are not there. Genes hang around in our bodies. Many come along for the ride, just waiting for an opportunity to "activate".
 Biology by Ty Buchanan
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