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More Support for Euthanasia

Hopes rise for the right to die as the world population ages. Opponents, generally based on a fixed belief system about the afterlife, fight on to stop it. Despite greater tolerance in Western countries toward religious belief, strongly religious people continue to force their views on others. Everyone is entitled to follow some form of religion, established or otherwise. The right to choose when and how to die, as well as abortion will always be areas of contention.

As the proportion of elderly people in the world population increases, a point will be reached where there will not be sufficient resources to look after them. Euthanasia will then be seen as a potential option. In the bible it is said: "Though shalt not kill". Nowhere does it say: "Though shalt not take one's own life". The problem should not be fought on religious grounds.

The new French President has said he supports euthanasia "under strict conditions". Politicians in other countries are waiting for one 'mainstream' government to bring it into law. Then the floodgate will open. Germany will probably follow France. With half of all medical costs being spent on the last six months of life, clearly some change has to be made. More and more people are flying into Switzerland to end their lives in a way that they chose, with little impact on others. Even close relatives are in favor of it because it reduces suffering.
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