Blue-Green Algae Causes Motor Neuron Disease

Motor Neuron Disease (MND) in not something that just happens to certain people with no hope of recovery. There is new hope about the cause and future treatment. It seems that the marine pest blue-green algae which grows in freshwater and saltwater is the cause. Apparently, it is more widespread than previously thought.

It can be present in marine food that we consume and even in plant seeds. Like other toxins it moves through the food chain becoming more concentrated in species at the top of the line of consumption. It drastically changes the human body interfering with the way proteins function.

The Australian research was based in Guam the place where motor neurone disease is the highest. People there have a taste for bats. When the food chain of these bats was followed it lead to the seeds of a cycad tree. Blue-green algae was found growing around the tree particularly on its roots.

If a drug can be developed that can stop the toxin's action on the body's proteins this would at least be a treatment for Motor Neuron Disease. If you want to lessen the chances of getting MND then stop eating sea food. However, flavoring from marine species is added to pre-prepared meals. Health products like vitamin B and iron supplements have blue-green algae added because it is a source of protein.
Science by Ty Buchanan