Being Overweight Makes You Shorter

Young women are becoming shorter. This not just from the weight pulling one down and stooping, i.e., bending over at the shoulder. It is because girls have a poor diet and are overweight. They do not grow to their full potential height.

Women in the 18 to 24 are 1.1cm shorter on average than their mothers. Oddly, young men have "shrunk" by only 0.2xm when compared to their fathers. The reason for this discrepancy is not yet known.

Today this age group of women is 27 per cent fatter than the same age group in 1995. This is a larger gain than people of all other groups. The main problem is that young women do not eat foods that contain calcium - thus the spine bends and compresses. They eat "on the run", consuming just about anything that is tasty and fills them up. Preparing meals is not something young women do. Furthermore, fad diets are notoriously lacking in essential vitamins and minerals.

It is older women who are doing the exercise. They have realized the dangers and are doing something about it..  Older women like to look younger. Perhaps daughters should note what their mothers are doing and seek advice from them.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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