Politicans Made Australia Wealthy - They Certainly Did Not!

Australia is a lucky country. Its citizens have become much wealthier over the past 30 years. We have to thank the politicians for this. What? We most certainly do not owe it to politicians. Australia is richer because China has become richer and Australia is the main source of the minerals China needs to make all the exports which have been leaving that country in increasing amounts, by the year.

The Labor Government had the money from tax collections horded by the Howard Government to bail Australia out of the impending recession. We don't have to thank Howard for this. The money should have been spent on hospitals and schools. The Coalition Government held the economy back even though it was doing very well. And Labor should not take all the credit for Australia not going into recession. The money was there and it spent it. The Coalition somehow lost the plot of governing. It most definitely should not have kept on blaming the states for the hospital crisis. The Coalition spat the dummy and refused to reform the medical system.

Labor tried to reform the medical system. So it hit the Coalition over the head with missed opportunities when the Coalition lost power. A new revamped medical system would have been well set up by now if change had taken place when it should have.  The Coalition government is now abandoning Labor's hard fought revamping of health care

People worry over the debt the Labor Government has run up. Remember the colossal amount of money the Coalition Government got from boom times. When the recession is over, which won't be long now, that debt will be paid off quite quickly. The Coalition looks lost in the wilderness at the moment. Members of both Coalition parties know Labor will have all good news for many years to come.  The Coalition knows that Labor will be looked upon as a positive government in history as spending cuts must be done - now.  This will push the economy into a short recession while the rest of the world booms.  You can be sure that when Labor wins again they will start spending again.  This is what happens in Britain and the rest of the ex-colonies.
Economics by Ty Buchanan