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Cat Gets Toy for Dog

Kangaroo loses it
"I went out in the storm and got it George."
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Storm Damage Will Affect Australia's Economy

The future does not look good for Australia. People fail to grasp the fact that as climate change "bites" the economy will suffer. Erratic weather patterns will affect food production. There will be shortages and prices will rise.

Insurance will become unaffordable as claims get bigger and disasters happen more often. Just one incident on November 27 caused a half a billion dollars of damage in Brisbane. At present, crises seem to be occurring more often. We are told this isn't yet the case, but they are getting stronger. Hotter more humid conditions are causing this.

Water will surely lead to some damage. Strong winds will be the greatest danger. Only strong storms hitting populated areas are reported, yet they happen all over the country. There is a concentration on the Eastern Seaboard, however. Another increasing problem is hail. More of it means a higher number cars will be written off.

Storms are predicted to double by the end of the century. Of course, we will not be here then. Our children though will have to cope with whatever the weather is at that time. The frequency of storms is just an estimate. Stronger storm are a certainty.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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