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More People Are Turning to Wood for Heating

Price is already changing consumer behavior in regard to carbon. However, price signals can make people do the wrong thing. Because electricity has risen sharply in Australia over the last two years some people are going back to old wood burning appliances for heating and cooking.

Burning wood pushes more carbon into the atmosphere. It is just swapping wood for coal. Demand for fuel timber has risen 30 per cent this winter. It isn't cheap either. A tonne delivered to your door costs $350 and lasts about six weeks. More new fireplaces are being purchased, so there is a trend.

Sitting over a fireplace is bad for your health. Pollutants are drawn into the lungs. It is like smoking cigarettes. Over a year a wood heater produces more dangerous particles than five diesel trucks. Already 6 per cent of people in Sydney use wood burners and this number is rising.
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