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Australians Will Not Accept Nuclear Power

Ian Mcfarlane the Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources says Australia should still consider nuclear power. He must be off his bonnet if he thinks Australians will have a bar of this dangerous form of electricity generation. If a Coalition government seriously suggested a move to nuclear energy people would be protesting in the streets. Then there is the "not in my backyard" syndrome. No community would accept such a potentially toxic plant in their area.

For Mr Mcfarlane's information lessons have been learned from the impossible situation in Japan where there in no solution to the problem. Australians do not want nuclear and will never want nuclear. Japan's economy is severely damaged and the Japanese will have chronic illnesses into the future. Much of the country will have to be fenced off, never to be used by humans ever again.

Australians like everyone else in the world will have to pay much more for electricity as systems of clean coal power generation are ultimately adopted and expensive solar, wind and tidal methods are in general operation. This will happen as countries are dragged screaming and shouting to the table to sign up for carbon pricing. Increasing climactic damage including hits on economies from bad weather will put strong pressure on countries to comply. Countries will put up barriers against products from other economies that do not have low emission policies.
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