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Ariana Grande Bottoms Out - Literally

Ariana Grande should be careful that her behavior doesn't come back to bite her. She and a male friend spat on donuts in a shop they visited. Joe Marin proprietor of Wolfee Donuts reviewed camera footage and was shocked.
Ariana Grande drinking
On seeing the donuts she shouted, "What the f... is that? I hate America". At first glance you would think she was raging about the presence of fattening food, but she then licked and spat on donuts. Her partner followed suite: Ricky Alvarez spat on another donut.

She should fear for the future. The videos have been sent to Riverside County Public Health which will take appropriate action. Another more horrific retribution could follow. It is common knowledge that hospitality workers routinely attack customers who complain by putting their hand down into their clothes and into their nether regions. The smelly hand is then thrust into the food they are preparing. Another possibility is the potential for your drink to be watered down with something disgusting.

Note: Recent photographs show she is developing a pot belly - too much food perhaps?
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