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New Fish Species by the Dozen in the Kimberley

Scientists know everything! Unfortunately, they don't. Much is still being discovered. The Kimberley in Western Australia should be called the place of the unknown because new species are being found there all the time.
New species of gudgeon kimberley
New Gudgeon Species
Forays into the Kimberley rivers area have brought to light 16 new species of grunter (Terapontidae), three gudgeons (Electridae) and a hardyhead (Atherinidae). Twelve were found during the first three weeks.
New hardyhead species kimberley
Hardyhead from the Kimberley
Famous people become more famous because they are - well, famous it seems: one of the new species is to be named after the writer Tim Winton. The rest will be given Aboriginal names, after all, there is the little thing about them being the first on this continent.
New grunter species kimberley
Kimberley Grunter
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