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Day of Frankenstein has Arrived

The day of Frankenstein has arrived. New human beings have been born. The path of human evolution has been changed, and should I say damaged, forever. Even though a person can have three parents it should never have been done. Heaven knows what the long term consequences for the human species will be. Man could die out because natural selection has been bypassed for the first time in human evolution.
Now that Britain has passed legislation to allow such births, do-gooders in other countries are calling for its adoption too. Do they have the right to play God? They certainly do not! This affects every person living now and in the future. Consider the legal problems ahead for inheritance. Offspring will ultimately try to claim the wealth of a "host" egg provider when she dies. Your ancestors will be impossible to trace because some members of the population have three or more generations of three parents.

The problem with politicians is - They take knee jerk reactions and they are employed to run ministries in which they have no qualifications or skills. This also applies to voting in houses of parliament. Some politicians are as thick as a post and seem to have no commonsense whatsoever. Read the book Brave New World and see that it is really a stupid different world.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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