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Australia Finds a New Species Again!

Just when you thought the game was over a new species has been identified in Australia. In the darkest depths of tropical north Australia where there are wild crocodiles roaming freely a new waterlily has been found.
Peony flora waterlilly flower
A team of Australians and representatives of Kew Gardens in London scoured the Western Australian land searching for something new. It is amazing that  it was not identified before. The water flower is a beautiful purple and white.

It was in an isolated spot situated in an oasis of water near Gibb River. The Kimberley region is surely the place to be with new dinosaur fossils located there. Botanists have given the waterlily a common name: peony flora. A scientific label will soon be determined.

The plant seems to be plentiful. A "pond" was completely filled with the pretty flower. Further searches in other water bodies brought to light many more. Oddly, a specimen of the Lilly has been at Kew Gardens and was believed to be a hybrid. Now it is official - it is a species in its own right.
Botany by Ty Buchanan
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