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Bird Wants Cheddar Cheese

Bird has cheddar cheese
"But is this cheese really cheddar?"
▶bird wonders if the cheesy bit he has found is the right kind comical bird cheese finds squid vulpes blackbird lobster brown shark seagull budgie lizard prawn mouse comical on cheese to magpie marlin frog rhinoceros rat crocodile finds gecko moose seal fish bass comical on bird at cheese finds butterfly goat owl boar elephant tiger goldfish deer cow puma eagle bug comical if bird is cheese an cheddar horse dingo gold wallaby bat octopus thrush sheep ostrich ape turtle penguin comical or bird as cheese at cheddar seahorse cheddar beetle bird wildebeest toad squirrel baboon canary zebra comical go it cheddar tortoise whale flea wolf monkey tadpole finch spider platypus orangutan chimp funny bird snake albatross at swan jackal crab chimpanzee lemur wombat pelican possum comical or bird hunting dolphin weasel play robin snail vulture elk perch emu amusing carp finds

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Under the Bird Wing

"I will take you under my wing."
| ....................................mad little beasties looking for you under carp penguin wolf squid perch gecko puma prawn articles wallaby flea boar under canary toad blackbird tiger magpie shark pictures zebra fox platypus under in bird on wing chimpanzee turtle tadpole Tasmanian ostrich horse amusing butterfly lion rabbit under if bird buffalo marlin gold owl crab wildebeest dolphin rhinoceros crocodile squirrel under an bird at wing chimp moth gorilla albatross flyvulture kangaroo bat brown tortoise lizard play under it bird as wing octopus photos baboon lobster rat beetle mouse turkey elephant jackal finch seal wombat frog elk sheep possum pelican weasel moose deer bear photo parrot swan monkey goat at Orangutan dingo eagle polar snake whale robin fish thrush bug salmon spider snail donkey goldfish seagull cow bird ape seahorse emu bass wing |  
Tys Country

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