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New Invisible Zipper Hits the Olympics

Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace. One can hardly keep up with new things on offer. Really, people do not have an immediate need for the the new products. New products are absorbed into our lives out of curiosity and the need to keep up with the neighbors.

Seams on clothes are something we accept - it is normal. Visible seams are not a problem. Indeed, the seams are used by designers in the latest fashions: they are part of the design.

Important sports events are a great platform to launch new ideas. They are on view for the whole world to see. There is no difference between East and West anymore. New products appear across the world at the same time.

Russian and American athletes at the 2014 Olympic Games will have waterproof zips built into their outfits. They are almost invisible when closed. This means that in the future parts of different outfits can be joined together to create different variations.

Lightrail Zippers are integrated units at the moment, but it won't be long before both halves can be separated. New fashion is on the horizon when the new zipper is released to the public. Micro-seams are not what the world needs. However, it is certain many will want the new gizmo.
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